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BEAR'S EARS sets out to raise awareness on the conflict surrounding Bear's Ears National Monument in Southern Utah. While designated as a National Monument by President Obama, Bear's Ears is now a symbol of the American Indian's struggle due to the current Administration's attempts to reverse Former President Obama's designation.


Using the well known traffic sign as a trigger for creative investigation, DETOUR investigates a reverse course to return to the "better times" in the past.

Current Repertory also includes but is not limited to...

LIKE (2017)

LIKE is a multidiciplinary piece, utilizing dance, theater and video projection to reflect on the ever-increasing use of media in the way we socialize. LIKE encourages audiences to reflect on their own friendships, social belonging, loneliness and social hierarchy, while engaging with technology during the performance. Using their cellphones to "like" (or not), the audience is invited to participate in the TV reality dance competition to select a "winner" through a process of elimination. The audience vote is charted and projected on a screen to determine how the piece advances. 

On The Road (2017)

Inspired by Jack Kerouac's novel by the same title,ON THE ROAD is an evening-length, multimedia dance piece that contemplates the general upheaval of the 1960s and the Beat generation's startling notions of social rebellion. Virtuosic in form and versatile in style, ON THE ROAD entwines the thrills of freedom, the sounds of jazz, and the perplexity of youthful American voices discovering their closeted and social selves.

Escher / Bacon / Rothko (2015)

 Set in three parts, "Escher/Bacon/Rothko" is inspired by the work of three of the most distinguished leaders in 20th century modern art: M.C. Escher, Francis Bacon and Mark Rothko, and utilizes an original movement vocabulary to investigate each artist's notion of modernity.


is a groundbreaking collaboration of contemporary dance, interactive video design and animation in which ZviDance explores how we respond to the omnipresence of technology in our daily lives. Video projections and animations designed by Hertog Nadler are live-streamed throughout the evening - blurring the line between voyeur and exhibitionist. Composer Scott Killian, in collaboration with chanteuse Alison Clancy and hip-hop artist Wilkis Ideology Figuereo, creat an aural landscape that explores and exploits sounds and music that are both familiar to us - and yet, oftentimes unheard. Ultimately, Surveillance is a multi-disciplinary piece which reflects on the ever-increasing use of surveillance technology in our contemporary lives.

DABKE (2012)

Recognized by The New York Times as one of Alastair Macaulay's TOP TEN DANCE FAVORITES OF 2013, Dabke is based on a Middle-Eastern folk dance, a line dance often performed at weddings, holidays and community celebrations. The dance strongly references solidarity and traditionally only men participated. The dancers, linked by hands or shoulders stomp the ground with complex rhythms, emphasizing their connection to the land. Artistic Director, Zvi Gotheiner grew up on a Kibbutz in Israel – where Friday nights were folk dance nights. One of the most beloved of these dances is a Debka , an Israeli rendition of the Arab Dabke. When the European Jews moved to Israel during the first decades of the 20th captured the sound, color, taste and rhythm of the Levant. The Dabke is a case in point.

Other ZviDance repertory being performed this season:




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